Friday, 4 January 2013

My Zauj to-be


Dear my zauj to-be,
I’m Nurul, my surname... now i’m 21...early childhood teacher to-be InsyaAllah..

Maybe still too young for me to talk about ‘life’(life dlm erti kata sebenar) haha.. but its ok la... i’m still wanna to talk about it because I think i’m very big(double meaning) now..hahaha... I mean i’m matured enough... I don’t know whats wrong wif my heart, my self now... I feel jealous when heard about the others with their zauj.. dunno why.. maybe its FITRAH.. hehehe..

I know, we haven’t know each other yet, but i know you are still out there.. I trust my Creator.. I trust Allah to declare who is my future zauj.. HE knows and already arrange the best fo me and for us... when the time comes, we can meet each other in the right way, InsyaALLAH... so, please be patient (^_^) and make du’a...

Now, i’m already started to pray and du’a everyday that we will meet as soon as possible and we can be the best for each other... InsyaALLAH... 

I also open a new book in my life... everyday is in a new page.. i will forget and regret every bad thing that I already done in my past and i’ll try to be the best and better person as you wish... 

IF i wanna get a good husband, I have to be a good girl too... I HAVE TO!!!

I hope you also will make changes in your life too..I really2 hope that you will be a good guy, have a good deed that can guide me in the right path and correct me if i’m wrong... can be my second hero after my 'abah'.. and also can be my second brother after my 'along & abang' that always take a good care of his only 'adik'..

Dear my zauj to-be,
I don’t care about all your past, BUT I just care about your present and future... and the others i’ll tell you later, insyaALLAH... (^_^)

Before I end up this, I would like to ask forgiveness for any mistakes that I have done before this... either you know or not and I will try to change myself to the right way... i’m trying to be the great for my Creator.. InsyaALLAH... pray for me and us... hope we will see in the future as soon as possible..

 I’ll wait for you every month, everyday, every second... May HIM bless us and guide us to the right path..

Nota kaki : Mood exam bertukar.. hohoho..

Lots Of Love,


kiEna sakiEna said...

congrats my friend.. finally u open your heart to accept another man in your life. juz forget " your Ex ".. weyh, jom balik malaysia. duduk luar negara ni penatlah speaking.. aku nak cakap bahasa ibunda jugak.. hahahaa

Cahaya Iman said...

hahaha... jom balik skrg, g tempah tiket balik msia cepat.. hihi

dhees dotter said...

wah so sweet